Me Of The Never Never


Most of this is true – just not always accurate!

This book is for anyone who likes to laugh (and cry), who wants to read about a woman living her life on her own terms.


With an honesty that is disarming, Australia’s funniest mother of five, Fiona O’Loughlin, describes how she went from country girl to one of our most loved comedians.

Me of the Never Never – mostly funny and sometimes sad – tells of her upbringing as part of a large Irish-Catholic family on a farm in South Australia, her chaotic and disorganised family life, and making it as a stand-up comedian. She also talks of a darker side of the life of many performers – alcohol.

In this record of moments, events and experiences that have found her humoured, humbled, and at times heartbroken, Fiona recounts how she came out the other side smiling.


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